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Akanksha Gupta

Female Lives in St. Petersburg, Florida, United States Born on July 5
Contract Specialist
English, Hindi, Punjabi
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Hi all, I have recently moved from NY to FL and looking to make new friends around. I like to do pai... View More
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Akanksha Gupta
Hello beautiful souls, looking to make friends in Florida near St. Petersburg area. DM me if you are looking for same too ☀️🐠💕
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Akanksha Gupta
Hey all, I recently moved to St Petersburg, Florida. Looking to make new friends/connections. Pls feel free to DM if interested :)
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Akanksha Gupta
Looking for friends to hang out with and explore places in NY. I am living in Brooklyn.
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Khyati Malhotra
I m planning to visit ny Can we hang out together......
Like August 22, 2021
Akanksha Gupta
Hey thanks for you msg, sure. When are you planning to visit? 1f60a.png
Like August 23, 2021
I live in Philadelphia area, I'm planning to visit NY can we hangout together?
Like December 30, 2021
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