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Rodrigo Lage
Rod here., Traveling,, making new friends, saying yes to new adventures and have a good time! Watching football from playing soccer to just laying on the ground, having conversations and exchanging i... View More
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Rodrigo Lage
Rod here. Friends getting married, moving aeay
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Hey Everybody, my name is Frank, I am from Lynn, Mass, I am a very easy-going, down-to-earth person that is looking for friends in the North Shore/Boston Area to talk to and hang out with. I like to ... View More
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Darnisha Cohen
Hello I’m Darnisha, New to Boston and looking to find friends to hang out with.
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Hey I’m Abraham I’m a photographer videography in Boston looking for friends to hang out I like music, photography, videography drawing, running, and video games!
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Morning Everyone! I am Jeff and Wondering if Anyone is in Quincy or South!
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Keneen Maisonneuve
Hey everyone, I’m looking for someone I can explore Boston with. Especially clubs and restaurants.
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Jj  Ricci
Hi Keneen. Are you new to Boston? What type of food/restaurants do you usually like? And are you be interested in joining some folks for a Boston Harbor cruise to Spectacle Island one Saturday in August? If you are, you're welcome to invite others to come with you. Some people already showed an inte... View More
Like July 22, 2022
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Keneen Maisonneuve
I am not necessarily new to Boston. I actually don’t live in Boston I just live around 25-30 mins away from it. I just haven’t actually explored it and wanted to have the chance to do so.
Like July 22, 2022
Jj  Ricci
OK cool, so I'll keep you informed about the cruise as we'll soon pick a date, a Saturday afternoon or morning. And yeah there's some restaurants near the Boston Common but nothing stands out to me. I think you'll love paddle boating. I've not done it in or around Boston but I have done it outside t... View More
Like July 25, 2022
Welcome to Boston Club. Please introduce yourself and let us know your Hobbies, Interests and with whom you would like to get connected and collaborate. NOTE: DO NOT share your mobile number or con... View More
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Mari B
Hey everyone! My name is Mari and I just recently moved a little north of Boston from New Jersey. I’m looking to meet new people/friends to explore Boston/New England or like trying out new restaurants or volleyball or other sports or the occasional board game or bar.
Like November 9, 2020
Amanda Short
Hi I’m Amanda. I moved to Boston right before the pandemic hit so it’s been though to meet new people. I’d love to make some friends here to grab coffee with or check out some great restaurants in the area.
Like December 25, 2020
ignatios charikiopoulos
Hello everyone! I'm Nasos and I'm from Greece.I'm looking to meet new people/friends to hangout, hike, workout and any other activity!
Like April 6, 2022
Naina Silva
Hello everyone, I'm Naina and I'm from Brazil. I'm looking to meet new friends. I live in Malden, it's a town near Boston. I'm learning English here and making new friends will help me improve my English.
Like July 17, 2022
Magalita B Pierre Louis
My name is Magalita Pierre Louis, i'm 39 years, almost 2 years in Massachusetts locking for friends
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Jj  Ricci
come play volleyball with us, read the post I made!
Like July 6, 2022
Jj  Ricci
OPEN INVITATION!! Let's get together for a game of volleyball: ... View More
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