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Hello, all! I am brand new to all of this and am attempting to figure it out as I go along, so please forgive me if I make any mistakes, lol. More than anything, I am attempting to meet some new peo... View More
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Gerard Walker
Uh 🧍‍♂️ Hi so like um... I need new friends, ones I can hang out with and watch anime or play games. Oh yea and one that I can be vulnerable around :p.
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Gerard Walker
Oh my hobbies include, art, watching anime, playing video games, slight car enthusiast, and playing the guitar (not the best tho 💀) there’s a lot more but I don’t rlly think anyone wants to read all that lel.
Like June 26, 2021
Rene perez
What kind of games do you like?
Like August 7, 2021
Evan Nance
Just moved to town last weekend. Im down for that.
Like August 7, 2021
Sean Walker
yo! i’m down for the gaming! what do you have a gaming system?
Like February 26, 2022
Stan Shin
Hi ya'll. Im Stan and I am a 30 something professional that recently moved to Dallas. My interests are varied from outdoorsy to nerdy. Looking for chill people to hang out and share a couple of beer... View More
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Saaki Narula
Hi guys! I moved to dallas a while ago I reside in Flower Mound. Just looking to connect with people that like hiking, working out, drives and/or trying new restaurants. Hmu if you have any of thes... View More
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Julian Ruggiero
Hey Saaki, I just moved to Dallas and am looking for a hiking/workout buddy. I definitely enjoy trying out restaurants as well, hmu!
Like August 6, 2022
Frank Kuo
Hi, I’m Frank. 23. Looking for some people to hang out with. I’m down for anything from trying food, grabbing drinks to Ultimate frisbee. I’ve recently started bouldering as well if anyone would be in... View More
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Cynthia Fung
I literally just started bouldering too! I’m terrible at it but it’s fun. Where do you boulder at?
Like April 22, 2022
What is bouldering?
Like May 1, 2022
Hannah McCain
Hi all !! I’m a current online grad student just looking to meet some new people in the area since it’s not exactly easy getting to know classmates through a screen. I’d love to be able to do things a... View More
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Nicholas Gayanelo
Hi I’m Nicky. 24. I’m a Filipino who lived in Dallas, TX for awhile but I’ll be moving back most likely this/next year. I’m looking forward to meet new friends! I like going to rock concerts, play ... View More
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Abhijit Gundale
I am Abhijit. I moved to McAlester which is 2 hrs from Dallas. I do visit Dallas every other weekend. I am looking forward to make friends in Dallas. My hobbies are reading books, travel. I am a foodie too.
Like April 23, 2022
Julian Ruggiero
Hi Nicky, I just moved to Dallas and it sounds like we share similar interests. I'd love to hang out, hmu!
Like August 6, 2022
Julian Ruggiero
Hi all, I'm new to Dallas, just moved here from Sacramento, CA. Looking for friends to hang out with. I like seeing scifi, action and horror movies. I enjoy in-person board game and role playing game ... View More
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Hello everyone looking to make friends in the DFW area. I'm in the Richardson area. I like to craft, travel and hang out, love sports. Looking for people who enjoy some of the same things.
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Robert Kientz
Hello everyone I am here to make friends in the Dallas area. I have lived here a long time, and now have more free time to spend with friends. I like to travel, go to concerts, hang out and have a bee... View More
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