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Azhar shaikh
Looking for friends to hangout also a dance partner for a dance class. If interested whats app me on +971505974295
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Seems everyone is quiet n silent in dis club......!!
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Arno J
Hi all, I’m new to Dubai and looking for people to hang out with (grab coffee, go for a drink, explore the city, go to the beach...) I’m located in the marina. Whatsapp: +447898377542
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Ismail Ahmad
Hey there! New to Duabi myself. Im near downtown. You can whatsapp me +1-814-254-7147
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  • Altaf Hussain
    Hey Arno pleasure to meet you man btw im also in marina
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  • Charles Marion
    Hi Arno, I live in JLT opposite side of Marina, I’m down if you want to grab a coffee in the weekend or meet one evening during the week 1f642.png whatsapp +971502114515
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  • Ajay Kumar
    Hi All...! Looking for a Badminton partner, If anyone staying in Dubai/Sharjah we can pair up.We generally playing on Wednesday or Thursday night 9Pm to 11Pm.🏸🏸
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    Ismail Ahmad
    Hi all! Looking for a tennis hitting partner in Dubai. Please messge me here or my whatsapp +1-814-254-7147
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    Ismail Ahmad
    Hi all! New to dubai here for a couple months. Would love to network & meet people here! I am near downtown.
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    Anas Alsaheb
    Hey, how are you doing?
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  • Naresh Rachakonda
    Hey hope you are doing well,
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  • Ismail Ahmad
    Looking for a tennis hitting partner in dubai!
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  • Mani
    Wisam Koukach
    Any where to hang out tonight
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    Couple for friends
    Hello everyone. Happy new year! Were an Arab couple in our early thirties that are looking for friends, new people to hang out with. Some of the things we like include the outdoors, being active, d... View More
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    Wisam Koukach
    Lets connect
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  • Insha Amin
    Hi all! I’m Insha and I moved to Dubai last year, from the UK. I’m a teacher who has the summer off from school and I’d love to find some people to hangout with!
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    Hahah I'm a teacher too, and two full months without being able to travel scare me!!
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  • Insha Amin
    Lol tell me about it! Stuck in this heat with nothing to do 🙈
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  • Nour
    Another teacher here 😂
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  • Ashish Gaikwad
    I m excited to meet you dear insha😃😍🌹🌹⚘😊👍👍
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  • Kamran Ahmed Siddiqui
    Another teacher living in Dubai. What are your plans for this weekend?
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