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Taishiro Sonae
Hello from Japan. I'm looking for some friends who want to learn more about Japanese in Dubai to meetup. I'm still in Japan now and hoping to stay in Dubai around the year's end & beginning for a whil... View More
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Aquleem Sayyed
Sure, HMU when you’re here
Like October 23, 2021
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Taishiro Sonae
thanks for the quick response. Excuse me, what's HMU?
Like October 23, 2021
Taishiro Sonae
Note: For those who want to add me as your friend, please tell me about yourself at first with the request. I find it not appropriate to send me just a request without any explanation at all. So, probably I won't take that kind of request. Sorry
Like October 23, 2021
Esraa Ahmed
Hello everyone! I’m esraa i recently moved to dubai i ‘d love to make some friends we can hangout and do some activities And practice my english 🙂
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Eman Elhosiny
Hi I am Iman, I hope to find new friends practice English and Inline skating
Like June 10, 2021
Reihan Sherani
Let me conect
Like July 2, 2021
اهلا اسراء
Like September 28, 2021
Welcome to dubai
Like October 23, 2021
Looking for a friend in Dubai to chat online
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Hey guys Long story short I have been in the uae for 17 years grew up here... View More
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Amr Ali
Hi! My name is Amr and I live in Dubai,I am looking to make new friends to hang out , explore the city, enjoy walking , going to movies and dinner …
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Aquleem Sayyed
We’ll, what’s up people ? My name is aquleem like you couldn’t say that from my profile name, anyway I’ve just moved to Dubai and I’m looking for friends to you know hangout and chill the fuck out wi... View More
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Aayush  Godiyal
Hello everyone, I am Aayush and I am new here. I live in Ajman and I study at Amity Dubai. Let me know if you would like to talk/hangout and get to know eachother.
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Sonya Davis
Hi. I'm fairly new to the UAE, comiing from the U.S. and looking for people to hike, bike, road trip, explore, chill at the beach with etc. on the weekends. My preference is anything outdoors. I live ... View More
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Chiddility O. Emmanuel
That's cool , I based here in ajman UAE. But I don't mind hooking up on a free day if u wish. ..I love watching movies coffee and dancing
Like September 6, 2021
Hi, this Jasim from UAE, i am live in sharjahanf Dubai, i hope you enjoying staying here.
Like September 11, 2021
Taqui Hasan
Hey sonya.. i am going to jabal jais this weekend for a short track.. let me know if you wants to join.
Like September 13, 2021
Hi Sonya
Like October 2, 2021
Anthony Edward
Hello everyone. I am on here looking for a friend. Chatmate or to hangout with. Dubai is a nice place. It'd be great to see its sights with other people. Feel free to hit me up. :)
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Ashish Ahuja
Hello everyone, Ashish here. I had been away from the UAE 🇦🇪 and the app for quite a while and just returned back. I haven't had the time to make friends 🫂 and explore 🏖️ much in the short time ⌛ fram... View More
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