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Hello there, I am moving to Dubai for work and actively looking for friends who can help me with Chinese language (Simplified Mandarin) /Cantonese /French. I'd also love making friends and expect to g... View More
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Hello I just came to Dubai for a new job and I'm actively looking for friends we can hangout and socialize. I enjoy learning new things connecting with anyone and would like to explore UAE 🇦🇪. Please if you would like to connect send me a message
Like December 17, 2022
Ben Lok
I can help you with Chinese Cantonese
Like January 16, 2023
Himanshu Singh
Hi, I'm new in Dubai. I've been here for almost a week now and I'll be staying here for around two months. I'm quite bored. I'm looking for a friend in or around Dubai Silicon Oasis to hang out with.
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Lavanya Bai Tharite
Hi Everyone, I'm Lavanya and basically I'm from India but Relocated to Dubai a year ago...I'm looking for new Friends here to make my life more beautiful and fun filling💯Also specifically looking for... View More
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Hii I love music as well it’s my biggest passion. I’d love to join you!
Like June 11, 2022
Ajay Krishnan
Hi Lavanya
Like August 21, 2022
Hi Lavanya
Like November 26, 2022
Hello let’s connect
Like January 9, 2023
Omar Alawbthani
Holla everyone.. I am here because 1- change my mood 2- found a new friends “ crazy friends “ ... View More
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Raza Goilkar
Hi, I work in Dubai looking to socialize with new people on weekends
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Hello Everyone, I’m new in Dubai, working in an IT firm. I’m really into different activities like walking and talking, learning about culture, exploring something new, traditions and just love tal... View More
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Like November 25, 2022
Rithul kumar
Like December 4, 2022
Rashid M
Hey group members. Am new here but not in Dubai, Basically born and brought up in the region. I am a financial services professional but very lively and fun loving person, I am very much into travelin... View More
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Rithul kumar
Like December 4, 2022
Mohamed Pateh Jalloh
Hello everyone I’m new here, I live in Dubai. hoping to meet new friends. Less I forget I’m single. A good company can lighten up my life.
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Rafi Ayorinde
Hi 👋🏽 We’re looking for new friends to hookup, party, and have fun with.
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Chhitesh Sharma
Hi there
Like November 11, 2022
Hi Folks, I’m Jeeva working in Dubai. My favourite thing to do in weekend is Going different different park, like community parks. I love to do and more to explore. Share your weekend plan. Let’s meet... View More
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