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Swee Lee
Hello all, Jaslyn here and looking forward to meet some friends for outdoor activities such as hiking, jogging, food hunting, group activities & seking more laughing to be shared.
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Shahreen Seule
Hi i'm in mont kiara. I'm looking for conversations over coffee or a tennis buddy. Or anyone who would like to go for walks or exercise.
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Jonathan Zheng
Would like to have coffee with you some time
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  • Anthony R Dawson
    Coffee sounds great..
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  • Shahreen Seule
    Coffee it is then
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  • Clin Ton
    Shahreen sounds great waiting for your invitation
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  • siti m
    up for coffee or exercise!
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  • Billy InfiniTerrorazor
    Name's Billy, can just call me Billy. I'm from Cheras, Kuala Lumpur. Anyone living nearby? Life is kinda simple yet hectic for me. I'm working as a copywriter for a creative/marketing agency, current... View More
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    Hi Billy How r u doing... My name is Rayan, an university student and i’m glad to see your text. I’m also looking for making new friends in KL, if you are free this weekend, it will be good to see you in a coffee and have a good conversation...
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  • bepjcc
    created an event.
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    Anthony R Dawson
    I'm Anthony, love watching Joe Rogan podcast, love all kind of music, I think John Mayer is an amazing Musician. Not religious, don't believe in religious but do believe in a higher power " Power of ... View More
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    Shahreen Seule
    Hi Anthony, i love music, i like John Mayer, i only know one song though. I'm.currently nuts over the soundtrack of guardians of the galaxy.
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    Ohh damn. I love the sound tracks of gardian of galaxy.. such dope 90s songs.
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  • bepjcc
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  • Rayan
    Hi everyone... I’m Rayan, i’m looking for making new friends in KL. We can meet up and have a cup of coffee and talking, chatting any time... ... View More
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    Hi everyone, im looking for a dog owner who can bring their furry kids for evening walk on weekends.. Me and Bhajo (my dog) happy to join!!
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    Welcome to Kuala Lumpur Club. Please introduce yourself and let us know your Hobbies, Interests and with whom you would like to get connected and collaborate. NOTE: DO NOT share your mobile number ... View More
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    Hello there, I’m Chihiro. I’m still new her and looking for friends for coffee, exercising, exploring the town, restaurants or anything.
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  • Ahmad ulwan
    Hi chihiro ..welcome here 1f642.png. I sure like to join hanging out and exercise when available ,1f609.png
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  • Lokesh Mandapati
    I want to visit kuallampur from hyderabad
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  • Misaki Yoshimura
    Hello I am in KLCC. Looking for friends who can go for coffee and dance.
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  • Ahmad ulwan
    Hi misaki ..welcome..I like coffee too ..let's hang out and have some coffee and dancing if you available
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  • Komagan
    Hi everyone, im new here.. basically i found out this from meet up app.. i like to make new friends and looking to create bigger circle of creative people.. pls feel free to buzz me im just around klang valley area
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  • Clin Ton
    Looking for a travel partner / or cup of coffee in KL
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    Kuala Lumpur Club
    updated their profile photo.
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