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Leonard Badger
Hi LA, I'm a filmmaker from Oakland, CA. I am looking for fellow filmmakers and non-film people to hang out with. I am working on getting to live at LA and would love to hear people's stories about t... View More
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Karey Whitten
Hello LA I’m a busy professional looking for female friends to hang out with as new to Pasadena CA. I need to get out more and explore and have fun. Love Disney, thriller movies, reading, crafts, cats... View More
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Hi Everyone, Im Marcellus. Im new to LA just moved here from the east coast and i'm just looking for chill people to hang out with. I love trying new food working out, going to social events and also ... View More
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Welcome to Los Angeles Club. Please introduce yourself and let us know your Hobbies, Interests and with whom you would like to get connected and collaborate. NOTE: DO NOT share your mobile number o... View More
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Tuireann O Neill
Hi folks! I am Tuireann (horribly irish, dont worry about pronunciation...). I recently moved to the US/LA from Ireland and need some friends basically....haha I work as an architect so obviously enjoy walking around the city. Im aslo big into movies & tv, soccer, video gaming, music and (unfortunat... View More
Like June 26, 2020
Daniel Alvarez
Wasup im in Los angeles i want to get friends please contact me if you're interested
Like July 4, 2020
Chanel Williams
Hello everyone looking to make friends. I'm enjoy light conversation about music, movies, events, zoom , or tech and computers.If interested leave a message for me. Chanel
Like July 29, 2020
Hello chanel Shall we have zoom meet
Like August 1, 2020
Ken DuBois
Hi everyone! I’m new to the group. I’m a Los Angeles based actor who is looking to make new friendships. Some of my hobbies are surfing, going to movies, short hikes, meet up for coffee, drinks and brunch. Hit me up if you want to grab a coffee, go to a movie, surfing in the afternoon/sunset, etc. I... View More
Like February 21, 2023
Paulina Jaramillo
Hi everyone! I am looking to meet someone to go out to coffee/lunch/dinner with and explore the city. Ideally I'd like to make a connection with someone that I can develop a friendship with. I recen... View More
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Midnight Moon
I love Disneyland! It's super expensive at the moment, so I tend to go to downtown Disney more and also the Packing District that's nearby.
Like June 21, 2022
Paulina Jaramillo
Ooh I’ll have to check that out.
Like June 22, 2022
Hey hi. I'm new here. See u like playing games. Lets lobby up some time. Fortnite?
Like January 10, 2023
Sherry Michniuk
Hi! I'm looking to find friends who have dogs around Los angeles, long beach, Orange county, California area.
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Hey hi. SO ne luck finding ur dog new walking buddies?
Like January 10, 2023
Emily Correro
Hi I’m Emily & I’m looking to make friends in downtown LA. I’m an introvert & I love doing anything outside.
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Sherry Michniuk
Hi! I'm also mostly an introvert and love doing things outside..... Message me if you feel like chatting/hanging out 🙂
Like September 11, 2022
Hey hi. Im new here kinda intro myself I'd say. Looking to meet new people nothing more than jus chit chat for now. Like outdoor local road trips and gaming online with fellow intros
Like January 10, 2023
Emily YIU
Hiya~ From Hong Kong, Working and living in Tokyo. Planning to go travel in USA probably next year. Wanna know some new local American friends in here. Open for culture exchange conversation or more!... View More
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Helos Bonos
Hope to see you after the corona!
Like December 4, 2020
Neha A
Hi All, I live in Torrance and hoping to make new friends in 2022. I am open to chatting online or hanging in person. I love board games, reading, nature, TV shows and walks. ... View More
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Melissa Miles
Hi I’m Melissa. I just moved to Tarzana and look forward to make new friends. I have a cute pup that I go hiking with every weekend, explore beaches and new cafes. I am pursuing acting (as well as ... View More
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Hey Melissa, sounds cool...maybe we can film something together.
Like December 12, 2021
Melissa Miles
yes, let’s do it.
Like December 26, 2021
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