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Leonard Martin
Hello, im martin. Im new and still learning how to use the site. Im 52 and learning new things is fun yet i still miss the face to face and now covid has pushed back the face to face part,which makes ... View More
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Hello Leonard
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  • Raihanul Islam
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  • Melinda Myrie
    Hi Everyone! My name is Melinda. I live in the BX and I am looking for people to connect with it. Head to brunch. Try a new restaurant or museum.
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    New York Club
    updated their profile photo.
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    New York Club
    updated their cover photo.
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    Hello my name is Kingsley just need a friend to connect with and share business idea
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  • Rus
    Hi guys, I’m Rus, i like any activity like tennis, hiking, running etc. will be happy to make new friends
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    Hi Rus
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  • Tal Jensen
    Hi everyone, I’m Tal. New to the group. Hoping to meet new friends to hangout, explore the city and just chill. I love food, music, art, travel, being outdoor and random adventures and sometimes just ... View More
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    Claudia David
    Hey Tal, can you view the message I sent you?
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    Tal Jensen
    Hey... No... I didn't get nothing..
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  • Claudia David email it to me
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  • Johnathan Alexander
    After moving to a new city for college, it can be a lonely experience, While moving for school the possibility alone is daunting — how do you make new friends when you move to a new place as an adult,... View More
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    anita dorothy
    friends? with interests
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  • Manish Kumar Shrivastava
    Hello everyone, Dose this group belongs to New York residents or anyone can join from the globe? Really love this place and wanna visit.
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    New york club has residents and visitors to New York.. app itself is global..
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  • Manish Kumar Shrivastava
    Thanks... Great
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  • Leonard Martin
    Hello Im Lenord Martin. I have been in nyc for almost two years now and it has been challenging. Im mostly looking for friends at the moment to work around my work schedule. Simething to take the mund... View More
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