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Get Connected to Make New Friends in Philadelphia Club, Chat and Collaborate to Organize or Attend Events, Workshops, Weekend Getaways, Trips together.

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Spencer Shore
Hi Everyone, My name is Spencer and am from NE Philly, but travel back and forth from here at Delaware. I am in grad school at the University of Delaware and am working full time remotely (for a hos... View More
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Michael Kessler
Hi Spencer, I like your profile. I, too, tend to be shy and reserved until I get to know someone well and I am comfortable. I am fairly new to Philadelphia and I've not seen very much. ... View More
Like January 8, 2022
Zahirah Poree
Hello everyone! I am looking to make new friends in the Philadelphia area. I live here and am trying to make new connections. I like art (I’m an artist), music, laughing uncontrollably, riding around ... View More
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Hi Zahirah, I live in Philadelphia area, let's hangout.
Like December 30, 2021
Marcio de Abreu
Hi Everyone! My name is Márcio. I'm a Brazilian living in Philly! I'm a filmmaker and visiting scholar at Penn. I'm into physical activities, art, and nature. Looking for meaningful connections while ... View More
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Kalia Anderson
Hi everyone, I'm Kay. West Philly native, I'm adventurous but socially awkward so I'd like to make new friends.
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Kalia Anderson
I like to go to escape rooms, laser tag, drive in movies, haunted houses, parasailing, zip lining, comedy shows, restaurants, movies, star gazing and spas. I like to go bike riding and ride ATVs. I would be interested in doing things like learning to skate, ride a motorcycle swim, belly dancing, mua... View More
Like October 3, 2020
Jeff H
I consider myself pretty awkward as well I’m just painfully shy
Like November 2, 2021
Hi Everyone, My name is Hakeem from Philadelphia area, I am looking to meet people to get together for networking and socialize and attend events and activities within the area.
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Eli Budet
Hi my name is Eli Budet and I am looking for friends in Philadelphia. I live in north philadelphia near logan station. I am new here so it would be great to connect with some friends
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Stratis  Alina
Hello,my name is Alina.I live in Old city Philadelphia. I’m looking for friends.
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Douglas Collons
Hi everyone, my name is doug . Live far northeast just looking for friends to hang out and laugh and have fun this week I'm going away to Florida and when I come back let's find something to do
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Kalia Anderson
Any plans this weekend?
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El bekri mouna
Hello, My name is Mouna (pronounced "moona"). I am both French and Moroccan. I recently moved to Philadelphia. I’m looking for people who’re interested in hanging out, walking or biking in the city.... View More
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Kalia Anderson
Hi Mouna, welcome to Philly. What brings you to town?
Like March 18, 2021
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