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Komal Agarwal
Hey Everyone, Am looking to find interesting companions to go over weekend trips, restaurants, outings, adventure, music and all sort of fun events. Looking forward for any upcoming event Cheers
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Mohit Shendre
Hi, I am looking for companions in Pune to plan weekend trips, week long bike trips, camping tours and hangouts. Feel free to reach out to me.
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Rakshit Gupta
Hi, anyone up for playing badminton? I can come to courts in KP, yerawada, band garden, shivajinagar and nearby area
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Chaitanya Goyal
Hi, I'm looking for companion to go out for brunch or leisure trips, long drives, sports etc. on weekends. Direct message me so we can connect.
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Kalpana Kukreja
Looking for a workout buddy in pune.
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Ashish Gaikwad
Hi... can we talk...??
Like August 23, 2020
Ashish Gaikwad
Like August 23, 2020
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Like June 19, 2022
Nikhil Waghmare
Hey folks, Anybody up for a spiritual getaway? Yoga or meditation camping around the city? ... View More
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Ajay Kumar
Hi all ! I am looking for people with whom I can plan adventure trips and hangout on weekends.
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Pranay Bendre
6/11/2022 from khadakwasla to torna fort if any body interested please ping me.
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Pranay Bendre
insta @pranayb02
Like November 5, 2022
Nikhil Idlgave
Hello people. This weekend i.e 5th and 6th of, Zomato has organized their ZOMALAND event. Details of the event can be found online. I live in pune and if anyone is interested to tag along with me for ... View More
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Anyone interested for trekking on weekend?
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