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alexandra cheng
Looking for companies for lunch during weekdays or sometime coffee, DM me in my chat. #Singapore
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Can meet
Like October 6, 2021
Up for coffee1f642.png
Like December 12, 2021
Still interested??
Like April 1, 2023
Vandana Thakur
Hi everyone, I found this app and group from meetup. Looking for like minded friends for enjoying weekend with outdoors activities like trekking, cycling, badminton and trying different cuisine or ex... View More
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Carol Chan
Hi there, nice to meet you! You sound fun to hang out with... cycling is one of my loves1f60a.png
Like August 29, 2021
Hi, still open to trekking?
Like September 7, 2021
🤚🏻 cycling
Like January 22, 2022
Hi mam.. r u still interested to outdoor activities?
Like April 1, 2023
Hi, I just shifted to Singapore .looking to meet and connect with new people ..and hopefully make new and meaningful friends
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Nirash Ran
I am interested. Add me and text
Like March 27, 2021
Same here, came last month. 🤚🏻
Like January 22, 2022
Rajneesh Agrawal
Hi Divya
Like June 24, 2022
Almost a year.. Still interested ?
Like March 31, 2023
Welcome to Singapore Club. Please introduce yourself and let us know your Hobbies, Interests and with whom you would like to get connected and collaborate. NOTE: DO NOT share your mobile number or ... View More
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Hii I am Aditya, I shifted to singapore last month. I like to play sports like badminton, cricket , table tennis. I used to be a pro Cyclist. I am fond of watching movies and love to make and eat food. I am looking forward to make friends, know their culture and interest.
Like March 31, 2023
Hello everyone.. I hope all of you guys are happy and fine. Few weeks back I shifted to Singapore. I want a company of friends who are fond of outing and playing sports. I stay in boonlay, anyone nea... View More
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Kong Yi Cong Merwin
Hi guys! Looking for expand my social circle. Good with going out for meals, gym sessions or exercising like badminton etc. ... View More
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Hi everyone, not sure how this works but came across this app! Just here to see if anyone share similar interest in nature / small physical activity, free feel to hit me up and chat more on this !
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Hi Mirian
Like August 6, 2022
Dilantha Wijayarathne
Hi just joined. Moved to Singapore to work in tech as a software engineer. Mainly looking for friends for any outdoor activities. Trekking, fishing, badminton etc. If there's a one who like to play te... View More
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Chee meng Liung
Hi... I am Desmond Franchise Investor and Business Builder. Word for word... I build my business from country to country using Franchise Methodology. ... View More
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Hi, I just shifted to Singapore. Looking to meet and connect with new people ..and hopefully make new and meaningful friends.
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