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Dancing, Discothequeing, Swimming, Eating out.
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Am New to d City. Would love to hang out with people who have an interest in dancing, going out on S... View More
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Hi Mumbaikers, Am new to the city. Looking for friends or someone to hangout with on the weekends. I love dancing, discotheqing, and just chilling out in general. I am a huge foodie at heart. If anyon... View More
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Manoj Jain
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  • Dhirendra Kumar
    Hello Aarbee
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  • Kawal Singh
    Definitely I am a singer from Mumbai & Love travelling and Partying.Please join me,Thanks.
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  • Syed Ahmed
    Hi Aarbee...I can take you around the best Pubs & Restaurants in Mumbai...DM me if intd..
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  • Aarbee
    Dear Mumbaikers, I am new to Mumbai and will be shifting in in a few days... looking forward to hanging out with people who like music and dancing on the weekends. I like visiting the Phoenix Mall and... View More
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    Mumbai is a nice place. Enjoy ur new life there. South mumbai is a great place. The best food in mumbai is found in nooks and crannies, across all parts of mumbai. Pav Bhaji at Tardeo, try the Zhunda Bhakar at VT, or the Vada Pav near Shivaji Park...and much more
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  • Aarbee
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