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Female Lives in Canton, Georgia, United States Born on January 20
Director of Strategic Partnerships SE with Human Coalition
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Sports- especially playing ice hockey (or any type of hockey really) and badminton, Volunteering & ... View More
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Hey there! I was born and raised in Anchorage, Alaska but just moved to the Atlanta area in March 20... View More
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Alana Williamson
Hi Everyone! My name is Alana and I just moved here from Alaska with my husband. He actually grew up here and we wanted to be closer to his family who still lives in Canton. Anyways now that I've been... View More
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Alberto Fuentes
hi alana, im looking for a ice hockey team too 1f600.png
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  • Rob Gilliam
    Acworth GA has special needs leagues for kids and young adults. It's called the Horizon League. Not as active now due to COVID but it's pretty good.
  • Like September 19, 2020
  • Alana Williamson
    Just some photos from my life. Mostly my 5 year old East Siberian Laika named Zoya plus some photos of my husband and amazing family!
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    Alana Williamson
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