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Publish Date: July 23, 2017

Premium Club of Professionals, Artists, Travelers, Entrepreneurs, Passionate Hobbyists in Birmingham. Organize or Attend Events, Workshops, Weekend Getaways, Trips in Bir

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Hi everyone, I’ve lived here all my life, but would love to meet new people, especially ones that are into fitness/walking/running and love socialising or can meet up for a natter, I love reading book... View More
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Dave Green
What kind off book's you read also are you searching for a running partner
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  • Hassan Ag
    Hi guys, I am new in this beautiful big city, and I am really down to meet good vibes people and make new friends. So if there is already a meetup group or anyone interested in hanging out just let me... View More
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    Alex Fengguang Hu
    Hi, Me and my Husband are looking to make some new friends in Birmingham, so if you're free to meet up for food and a coffee and want to get to know us let us know. I am British and my Husband is C... View More
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    Cathy Smyth
    Hello! I am looking to meet new people, South Birmingham. I like tv, cinema, walks, chatting... Would be nice to meet up now and again and have a laugh.
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    ade Joseph amoo
    Hi there I’m based in Birmingham more centrally but spend a lot of time In selly oak and edgebaston/mosely areas and try get out to see the outskirts of nature around the West Midlands If people are ... View More
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    Hi everyone, looking for new and positive people to hang out, travelling and language exchange
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    Asia Bi
    Hi Everyone, hope your all good, just looking to find people with similar intrest and make some friends
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    Dave Green
    Woo that's is a delicious cake. Have anymore photos?
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  • Asia Bi
    Nope sorry haven't put any more up
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  • Kay
    Hi all, not new to west midlands, looking to meet new people who are interested in social outgoings/fitness etc. Obviously this is restricted with Covid 19 but would be nice to speak with people who h... View More
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    Sarah Thompson
    Hi I’m Sarah and I’ve just joined this club today. I’ve just moved from London to Birmingham and would love to make some new connections and find people who can show and tell me all the great places t... View More
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    Cristina Cipriani
    Hi everyone, I am Cristina, I have moved to B'gham two years ago and I would like to get to know more about this city and would love to make new friends. I am originally from Italy and I have lived i... View More
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    Dave Green
    Hi there I'm Dave from Coventry searching for friends like to go walking and jogging. Also have my own car
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