Amanda G

Female Lives in Broomfield, United States Born on March 15
Amanda G
Amanda G
Hi, my name is Amanda. I moved to Denver about 2 years ago for my previous job. I now live in Broomfield with my boyfriend and 2 dogs. I'm a huge EDM fan. Pre COVID going to shows and festivals was wh... View More
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Grace Alva
Hi Amanda... sorry you had bad experiences, my friends are also far. I don’t nor social media so not sure how to navigate protocols, words or systems but what’s EDM? ... it’s ok if you laugh it’s part of me being fun to be around
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    Amanda G
    Where are you from Grace? EDM stands for electronic dance music - such as electronica, house, dubstep, techno, ect.
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  • Adriana
    Hi Amanda, nice to meet you!!!
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  • Amanda G
    Hi Adriana! Nice to meet you too!
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