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New here. Im a Geeky kinda guy. Looking for people who are also interested in anime/ manga, books in general as well, looking for that coffee buddy with shared interests.
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Zainab ansari
Hi there, i'm zainab, been in dubai for about a year and would love to make some new friends.. specially girlfriends that i could hang out with for food, drinks, any outdoor activities..
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Asipa Teniola
Hello,i need some female company as well.
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  • Dsouza Cma
    I coukd join too let me know when you guys meeting up next
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  • Dsouza Cma
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  • Fatima Itani
    Hello, I would love to hangout, since we're looking for the same thing
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  • Mitali
    Hie,i am moved here last month, i am a singer (bollywood)and looking for indian guitarist for anyone there? Area - Silicon Oasis Dubai
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    I am happy to listen but no singing 😅
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    Wow which song did u sing mitali
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  • Vikas Tomar
    My daughter plays piano, if that helps
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  • Varsha P
    Hi Varsha here! In my 30s, like to write and hangout in coffee places, love nature and animals, a catmom. I am looking for motivational friends, friends who can have deep meaningful conversations.
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    Saif Nasim
    Hello Varsha
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  • Sammy King
    I love coffee, and coffee shop conversations, can we hangout?
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  • Asfand
    Lets connect
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  • Vikas Tomar
    Hi Varsha. Welcome to the platform. I am sure you will find friends here. Friends can motivate you, but the real motivation should come from within
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  • Saif Nasim
    Happy weekend to all..Anyone in Dubai?? What your plan!!!
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    Rahman Ahmad
    Looking for some nice friend in Dubai who is doing / Planning to do CPA/CMA.
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    Esraa Ahmed
    Hello everyone! I’m esraa i recently moved to dubai i ‘d love to make some friends we can hangout and do some activities And practice my english 🙂
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    Mahmoud elshalakani
    Hello Esraa, I am interested in making new friends too. Lets arrange a gathering for all of us (and I will help with your English as i outrank Americans in their own language 😅)
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  • Ahmer Shahzad
    It’s my pleasure to be meet good people around dubai have nice and good conversation and meet you
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  • Rahman Ahmad
    Looking for Nice Friends in dubai.
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  • Umair Bhura
    Welcome. Same here but its been 4 months for me. Made some friends. Let me know if any one is interesred for a meetup.
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  • Shishir Yogi
    Looking for someone for coffee time together who lives in Mazaya, Liwan , Dubai
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    Hi everyone. I m sudhir and living here for nearly 2 years. I used to travel alot due to my work nature. I like to make new friends, roam around, partying, visit new places.
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    Sammy King
    I'm look for a friend for sport activities, badminton, friday morning jogging .
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    Mahmoud elshalakani
    Interested in daily morning jogging
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    Sammy King
    Your location sir?
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