Tuesday, December 3, 2019 7:15 am - 8:30 am
Los Angeles

Would You Like to Make More Money This Year
Would You Like to Grow Your Business
Are you available Tuesday Morning


Networking from 7:00am to 7:20am
Breakfast Meeting Officially Starts at 7:25am


Come Network and Have Breakfast at our Business Networking Mixer Breakfast with Letip of Downtown LA, 51 stories high at the LA City Club.


You DON'T have to be a member of the City Club to attend, its one perks of joining our group, access to the Club without being a member.


Bring your Business Cards! and be prepared to give a 30-second commercial on your business.


This is a weekly meeting where you will meet other business people from varied backgrounds who come together to exchange business leads, have breakfast and learn about each other's businesses. Members give referrals and leads to each other, which means you walk away with new business every week.

We will be your personal salesforce.

Each member is vetted and voted on prior to joining and only one member from each business profession is allowed.

The meeting is structured so that we respect everyone's time however we are small enough where there is flexibility to have fun and earn business before heading into the office. You will also walk away with all the other members and guests business cards so don't forget to bring yours with you as well. $20 covers breakfast, pastries, fruit and  and coffee.

Parking is off of Flower Street and take the ramp under the building. The City Club will validate your parking for 3 hours to $8 (1 min longer at it is much more). The City Club is in the City National Building on the 51st floor. The member and guest dues are which include a full breakfast, coffee, and juice.


LeTip is category exclusive, only allows one member per category, the very popular categories of Life Insurance,  & Residential Real Estate are currently filled with an active waiting list, this is the ideal time to reserve your seat before your category is taken too.

Top Available Categories are:

Financial Advisor
Property & Casualty Insurance

Computer Consultant 
Massage Therapist 
Title Insurance 
Attorney (Business) 
Internet/Website Design 

Attorney (Estate Planning)
Auto Repair
Attorney (Personal Injury)
Carpet Cleaner
Auto Sales & Leasing
Contractor (Painting)
Health/Nutrition Products
Contractor (General)
Payroll Service
Travel Agent
Graphic Design
Gift Baskets
Home Inspector
Floor Covering
Heating/Air Conditioning
Contractor (Plumbing)
Attorney (Real Estate)
Interior Design
Auto Body
Security Systems
Contractor (Electrical)
Hair Stylist
Wireless Communications
Attorney (Family Law)
Moving & Storage

& many more


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