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Get Connected to Make New Friends in Los Angeles Club, Chat and Collaborate to Organize or Attend Events, Workshops, Weekend Getaways, Trips together.

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Hello everybody. I am new in this club. Nice to meet all of you. I am looking for friends to Hangout and friends to chat online. I like hobbies like: Group Trips, Trekking Adventure, Weekend outing... View More
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Tafadzwa  Mafurirano
Looking for friends who want to explore Los Angeles and hopefully other cities
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Monique king
Looking for friends that live in bellflower or the Los Angeles area
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Dianna Hartman
Hello I’m looking to meet people to do things with! I’ve lived in Southern California for a while but haven’t ventured out yet! My interests include dogs, the beach, music, singing, movies, art, muse... View More
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Melissa Miles
Hi I’m Melissa. I just moved to Tarzana and look forward to make new friends. I have a cute pup that I go hiking with every weekend, explore beaches and new cafes. I am pursuing acting (as well as ... View More
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Hey Melissa, sounds cool...maybe we can film something together.
Like December 12, 2021
Melissa Miles
yes, let’s do it.
Like December 26, 2021
Maximo Gonzalez
Hey there everybody, I’m Maximo and I’m from LA living in Downey. Looking to hang, try new restaurants/bars, hike, whatever gets us moving! I’m also a singer, writer and play guitar, so if you’re a... View More
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Neha A
Hi All, I live in Torrance and hoping to make new friends in 2022. I am open to chatting online or hanging in person. I love board games, reading, nature, TV shows and walks. ... View More
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Emily Correro
Hi I’m Emily & I’m looking to make friends in downtown LA. I’m an introvert & I love doing anything outside.
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Fitz John Najos
Hi I'm Fitz looking to meet new friends in LA area.
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Hi everyone, Im 22 year old female who recently just move to LA from Maine. I'm looking to get to know some people and make some new friends. I love shopping especially at target, I enjoy horseback ri... View More
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Kavya Ravi
You had me at target 😍🤣
Like November 21, 2020
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