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Hi all, My name is Angelica and I live in Woodland Hills, California. I am looking for friends; both men and women who enjoy a variety of pursuits. I enjoys concerts, fitness related ventures, trav... View More
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Hey Angelica , i live close to woodland hills
Like September 12, 2022
Emily Correro
Hi I’m Emily & I’m looking to make friends in downtown LA. I’m an introvert & I love doing anything outside.
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Sherry Michniuk
Hi! I'm also mostly an introvert and love doing things outside..... Message me if you feel like chatting/hanging out 🙂
Like September 11, 2022
Hello everybody. I am new in this club. Nice to meet all of you. I am looking for friends to Hangout and friends to chat online. I like hobbies like: Group Trips, Trekking Adventure, Weekend outing... View More
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Leslie chavaque
Hello, I am new to this site, I am interested in meeting new friends, I enjoy music,food,traveling, I am open to learning from everyone, I hope we can share common interest or learn from one another. ... View More
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Dianna Hartman
Hello I’m looking to meet people to do things with! I’ve lived in Southern California for a while but haven’t ventured out yet! My interests include dogs, the beach, music, singing, movies, art, muse... View More
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Sherry Michniuk
Hi! I feel like we have some similar interests and personality traits. Would love to connect if you're up for it? 🙂
Like September 11, 2022
Sherry Michniuk
Hi! I'm Suzie and I'm mainly looking for friends who have dogs. I have a dog that has been diagnosed with generalized anxiety and noise phobia... and she also has a little dog hoping t... View More
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Hi everyone, Im 22 year old female who recently just move to LA from Maine. I'm looking to get to know some people and make some new friends. I love shopping especially at target, I enjoy horseback ri... View More
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Kavya Ravi
You had me at target 😍🤣
Like November 21, 2020
Antonio Mendoza
I worked at the Jackson laboratory in Bar Harbor, Main! Its a gorgeous state
Like August 14, 2022
Paulina Jaramillo
Hi everyone! I am looking to meet someone to go out to coffee/lunch/dinner with and explore the city. Ideally I'd like to make a connection with someone that I can develop a friendship with. I recen... View More
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Midnight Moon
I love Disneyland! It's super expensive at the moment, so I tend to go to downtown Disney more and also the Packing District that's nearby.
Like June 21, 2022
Paulina Jaramillo
Ooh I’ll have to check that out.
Like June 22, 2022
Antonio Mendoza
Nice to meet everyone! I just moved to LA (actually all the way from North Carolina), after having graduated from UNC-Chapel Hill a year ago. I don't know anyone here yet, so I am hoping to make fr... View More
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Midnight Moon
Hello everyone, new here. I'm looking for genuine platonic friendship, I live in So Cal. I love Disneyland, going to the mall to walk around. I love going for walks at parks, love museums. I also li... View More
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Mohamed Osman
Hi Midnight Moon! I just moved from Boston to Long Beach. I'm very interested in exploring the city, Disneyland, Universal, Dining, coffee shops....looking for palatonic friendship too.
Like June 19, 2022
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