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Ann I
Hello all! I'm Ann, an introvert living in the Burbank area. COVID and working from home has made me realize I need to expand my group of friends. Looking for someone to have (virtual for now) happy h... View More
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Ra Sa
Hi Ann, i live in Dubai, but we still can have virtual chat
Like August 14, 2021
Terry  Akins
Hi Ann, I also work from home but have a client in Burbank so I occasionally go there. It's about a 15 minute drive from the house. I am tired of doing everything alone. I work alone, eat alone, live a alone.
Like October 24, 2021
kristy W
Hello, I live in Irvine and go to school in Los Angeles. I am looking for a person to online chat with. Maybe hang out sometimes;)
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Shawn E
Hello! I'm in the Long Beach area soon and looking for a gym climbing buddy! If you are interested let me know!
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Patrick Pugh
What's up everyone how are you guys doing. Well I have been living in LA just decided to relax from working all day try to get a social life expand my circle and I live close to DTLA and if you want t... View More
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Hi I’m Joseph ! Just a guy living in the LA area looking for potential new friends to chat and eventually hangout with. Some of my interest included hiking , working out , movies , podcast , cooking ,... View More
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Emily Davis
Hi all, I'm Emily. I am an introvert on the Westside of LA looking to make more friends and expand my social circle. I love art of all kinds, especially film, and I love exploring different cultures a... View More
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Mark Greaber
Welcom here
Like August 8, 2021
Ann I
Fellow introvert, film lover here
Like August 13, 2021
Tanya Sanabria
Salutations! I recently moved to Pasadena and while I know it’s a bit far from Los Angeles itself, I’m hoping to make friends in the greater LA area. I grew up in the SGV but surprisingly never really... View More
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Like August 8, 2021
Joey Guloy
Hi everyone, I'm Joey. I may be transferring to USC for astronautical engineering next fall. Therefore, I'm really looking forward to meeting some new LA area friends!!
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Isaac Jones
Yo what's poppin, just slid out to the west from Philadelphia 😎 Currently living in Santa Monica/West LA Sawtelle area. Looking to find a new circle of friends that are into going out and enjoying som... View More
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Adrian D
Hi everyone, Adrian here! Here to make new friends. More on the introvert side so trying become more social. I enjoy being in nature- hiking, walking, going to to the beach. I enjoy learning new langu... View More
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Aaron Davis
Hey Adrian I guess me and you are the 2 new guys here How are you?
Like November 15, 2020
Cheryl Nathan
Introvert here too! Lol. I knooow the struggle. You sound pretty cool though! Added you 1f642.png
Like December 12, 2020
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