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Get Connected to Make New Friends in Los Angeles Club, Chat and Collaborate to Organize or Attend Events, Workshops, Weekend Getaways, Trips together.

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Kavya Ravi
Hi everyone! I will be moving to Woodland Hills, CA and would love to meet some new people before I a move out there. I love trying new things, going out, hiking, dancing, and trying new restaurants. ... View More
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Hi ty stay blesses stay safe 👍
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  • Ashley
    Hi everyone, Im 22 year old female who recently just move to LA from Maine. I'm looking to get to know some people and make some new friends. I love shopping especially at target, I enjoy horseback ri... View More
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    Kavya Ravi
    You had me at target 😍🤣
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  • Adrian D
    Hi everyone, Adrian here! Here to make new friends. More on the introvert side so trying become more social. I enjoy being in nature- hiking, walking, going to to the beach. I enjoy learning new langu... View More
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    Aaron Davis
    Hey Adrian I guess me and you are the 2 new guys here How are you?
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  • Emily YIU
    Hiya~ From Hong Kong, Working and living in Tokyo. Planning to go travel in USA probably next year. Wanna know some new local American friends in here. Open for culture exchange conversation or more!... View More
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    Pete Schlieker
    Do you have any places you are looking to travel to? I live 1 1/2 hours from Yosemite. I am also 30 minutes from the Bristlecone Pine forest. There are 4,000 year old trees there.
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  • Andreas Galiano
    Hey! My name is Andreas I’m 19 years old and a singer-songwriter, musician. I would love to connect with people especially more in my age. I love obviously music, fitness, play billard, soccer, nature... View More
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    Mike Lee
    Hi everyone, I am looking for friends to hangout during the weekends in Pasadena-- coffeeshops, restaurants, etc.
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    Nawaz Ahmad
    Hi All! looking for friends to go check out beaches and go hiking with and explore southbay/redondo beach area. I just moved to LA from VA and looking forward to meeting likeminded outgoing, fun peopl... View More
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    Let's pick a day and time to go to Redondo Beach 🏖️.
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  • Christian A Perez
    Hi Everyone my name is Christian, new here. I am currently looking for friends to hang out, go brunch, hikes, beach days, road trips and to really make a connection.
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    Goke Akinniranye
    Howdy - LA resident for three years - looking for a friend to chat with online to talk about movies, tv, books and other stuff - also looking to hang out as well.
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    Robert Pfeiffer
    Excited that come Tuesday, I will be flying from Massachusetts to California for a week! I will be landing in Los Angeles and will be adventuring around!
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