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Publish Date: July 23, 2017

Premium Club of Professionals, Artists, Travelers, Entrepreneurs, Passionate Hobbyists in Melbourne. Organize or Attend Events, Workshops, Weekend Getaways, Trips in Melb

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Welcome to Melbourne Club. Please introduce yourself and let us know your Hobbies, Interests and with whom you would like to get connected and collaborate. NOTE: DO NOT share your mobile number or ... View More
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Samiksha Mohite
Hello everyone. I am Samiksha aka Sam. I am new to the city and haven't made any friends apart from my roommates yet due to the sudden bombardment of the COVID crisis. I am an enterpreneural perspective driven person and love discussing about businesses and everything that's going around in the worl... View More
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  • Karim Ravani
    Hey everyone. Hope you all are having good time and keep up the spirits high in this tough time. Let me introduce myself. My name is karim and i came to Melbourne one year. I love to travel places, hangout and i am a big sports lover( cricket). I was busy with my job and studies but now i feel that ... View More
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  • Malaki Cameron
    Hey everyone, hope everyone is well during this crazy time. My name is Malaki, extremely passionate about art and wood working. Hoping to meet some other artists and coffee lovers to talk art, movies, comics etc over a coffee or online. Hoping to expand my social network and talk to some amazing pe... View More
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  • Akshayaa Pasupathi
    Hi everyone. I hope everyone is doing well. I am Akshayaa. I’m basically from India and came to Melbourne 8 months ago to pursue my Masters at Monash. I’m currently doing my internship at Yarra River... View More
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    Hi Akahayaa. How’re you??
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    Akshayaa Pasupathi
    I’m doing great. Thank you. How are you? Nice to meet you
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  • Jono Bentley
    Hi all :) I’ve been in Melbourne for a couple of years but looking to meet new people, head out for social drinks etc. I’m an avid musician and competitive strength athlete in my spare time so if thos... View More
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    Emily Leversha
    Hi everyone I am 30 years old living in Bayside and looking to hang out with new people! I like yoga, walking, soccer, art, food, movies, dinner parties oh and I am 12 weeks pregnant- don’t let that s... View More
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    May be that's why they say Mother is a person who does the work of 20! 1f642.png Congratulations and best wishes to the Mother to be!
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  • Carlos Arturo Carrillo
    Hi, everyone. New here in MEL. Nice city to know with new people. I guess that we could use a measuring tape of 1.5m, while looking for new coffe shops. Hoping to practice my French and English with ... View More
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    Hi everyone I’m from France and I'm looking for some friends in the city. I’m here since 2months but it was hard so meet new people because of the lockdown... so here I am to meet new friends, food lo... View More
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    Hi guyz, My name is Sameem, I’m new in this City. I’m looking for friends for hangouts, coffee shoffee 😊😊
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    Hey all, shifted down to melbourne from the sunny coast super recently. From NZ originally, looking for people around my age who are keen to explore the city and find the cool coffee shops/bars as the... View More
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    Looking for a friend in Melbourne to chat online - I am looking to make some new friends who want to talk online a bit and if we enjoy each others time can meet up and do stuff together. My interests ... View More
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    Kaushik Gayal
    Hello everyone, My name is Kaushik. I am an Indian expat living here in Melbourne since two years. I can go along with anyone tbh.... View More
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