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I'm a community manager here. Feel free to message me if you have any questions or need help in usin... View More
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Grace Alva
Hello, My name is Grace and I’m looking for Friends ... I transferred to the area for work and since my firm it’s global all my contact are everywhere but here, I am looking for a community and true f... View More
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Hey guys am new here.. based out in CHD looking to connect with folks here interested in travel cooking and being friends.. preferably females
Dani Aljubaili
Hi everyone! Im Dani and I live in melbourne australia! Looking to connect with like minded individuals and who love exploring different cafes, readung books and also up for food and chat. Also very o... View More
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Jon Zheng
My pet chicken Mona
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Awww mona is soooo cute 💖💖
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  • Sophie Trappel
    Hi my name is Sophie. I just recently moved to Boston for a job and I don’t know anyone in the city. I love to meet new people, exploring new restaurants, good food, coffee, reading, exercising ... an... View More
    Ishaaz Ali
    Hey everyone Hope you all are surviving this Covid lockdown. My name is Ishaaz. I am from Melbourne Australia. Im pretty chill person I am always looking to meet new people. I am looking for Walking J... View More
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    Harshikesh Sharma
    Hello everyone My name is Harshikesh I live around Chandigarh and i like to travel specially Bike riding in hilly areas, love to read books, watch tv series, listening music and love to talk with new... View More
    Robert Levin
    Hey, name's Robert. I'm just a writer who likes to write stuff whenever I'm not too busy.
    Dharmendra Shah
    Hello Nancy. Nice App concept. Congratulations. I am in UAE and still waiting for any connection.
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  • Akombai Malvine
    Hello to all, am Malvine. An Electrician by proffesion. Love interesting talks and also like listing to music, interested in arts and also like swimming. Hope I am welcomed !!!
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    Hii!! Of course you are welcomed, nice to meet you 💖💝 Loving your choice of hobbies
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