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Get Connected to Make New Friends in New York Club, Chat and Collaborate to Organize or Attend Events, Workshops, Weekend Getaways, Trips together.

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Hey everyone 😊 I live in Manhattan and I am looking for people to hangout with on the weekends I’m down for grabbing coffee or food, going to a show, or exploring the city
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Rudy Legros
I’d be available too if you are still int
Like May 3, 2023
Hello everyone, I found this group from New York Friends Club on Meetup and am here to make some friends. I live in Manhattan, and am looking for someone in NY to hang out, grab drinks/food, and do th... View More
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Cindy M
<font style="vertical-align: inherit;"><font style="vertical-align: inherit;">hola, me gustaría contactarte para que me hagas unas recomendaciones en marzo estaré por allá </font></font>
Like January 15, 2023
Rudy Legros
I don’t drink but I’m looking to hang out with new faces
Like May 3, 2023
Hello:) I’m Alyssa. I love comedy, bird watching, photography, learning how to cook/bake,visiting new places and much more. ... View More
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Lisette Garcia
Where about do you live?
Like January 1, 2023
Rudy Legros
Same here.
Like May 3, 2023
Neha Syeda
Hey Everyone! Just joined and I’m looking to meet people and hangout.
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Anderson  Silva
Me too
Like June 11, 2022
Antoine Delerme
Welcome to NYC!
Like February 20, 2023
Wayne Palesado
Hi was there supposed to be a meetup today here?
Like April 1, 2023
Wayne Palesado
Like April 1, 2023
Rudy Legros
Hey. I’m new here. Looking to make new connections.
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Kevin Peter
It seems awfully quiet here. Is it always this way?
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Julio Rivas
Hi, I'm in the NYC area. I'm looking to chat, lol 😎
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Kevin Peter
Whats up Julio
Like April 6, 2023
Kevin Peter
Hey pals! Just joined. Looking for a friend to chat online.
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Ankit Goyal
Hi everyone, Just got into NYC. Looking forward to networking and developing long-lasting connections.
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Derick César
Whats Evryone. Just got to NYC. From the Caribbeans Looking for people to make friends with
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