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Publish Date: July 23, 2017

Premium Club of Professionals, Artists, Travelers, Entrepreneurs, Passionate Hobbyists in Portland. Organize or Attend Events, Workshops, Weekend Getaways, Trips in Portl

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Welcome to Portland Club. Please introduce yourself and let us know your Hobbies, Interests and with whom you would like to get connected and collaborate. NOTE: DO NOT share your mobile number or c... View More
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Marcos Minguela
looking for new friends in Portland, I just got here and don't know anyone!
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  • Rodny S Garcia
    My partner and I moved here 3 years ago. He has a friend that just moved here and I am still trying to make my own set of friends. I like the outdoors, hikes, exploring, music and good conversations. Would like to make friends that are just down to earth and easy to be around with.
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  • Sean  J
    Anyone here want to learn how to forage? I've been doing it for years and would be happy to do a walk through of several edible wild plants while hiking some local trail. I like meeting new people, s... View More
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    Does anyone want to watch a movie
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    Sean  J
    You still down for a movie night? because with the right movie I'm in
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  • Andrew D
    Hi Everyone! Interested in chatting online Activities include happy hour (when it’s available), movies, exploring neighborhoods, etc. In Portland
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    Hey/Hi my name is Matthew live in the beaverton and looking to fill up some events/shindigs for early summer! message me about anything.. really into movies, shopping, getting some lunch
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    Sarah Elliott
    Hello, all! Looking forward to meeting you! I’m down for a chat, a movie, swapping cat pics, anything really.
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    Hello everyone!
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    Lindsey Graham
    How are you doing Kelly?
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  • Daniel Klingenberg
    Seems a little quiet here! Anyone out there?
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