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Prateek Shekhar
Hi everyone, just joined this group! Looking for friends to hangout with. I like going out for long drives/road trips, playing badminton, snooker and pool. Looking forward to meet new people!!!
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Wing Lin
HI All, I am here to meet people. I like to go hiking with my dogs. I would like to network with people who have technical background. I am also open to making new friends. :)
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Miguel Rodriguez
Hi Wing!
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  • James Lin
    Hi everyone - I hope your Thursday is going well. I just joined this group. If any is free this weekend I am hosting Meetup bartender social/happy hour tomorrow (3/19 Fri) at 6pm (https://www.meetup... View More
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    Miguel Rodriguez
    Hi All, it's been a rough year, let's chat and get along, I'm eager to meet new people!
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    Nur Mohtar
    Hi, I am Nur. Need someone to share experiences to be an abroad workers.
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    Paul williams
    Love you guys in this group
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    Paul williams
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  • Anthony
    I love you to Paul
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  • San Francisco Club
    updated their profile photo.
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    San Francisco Club
    updated their cover photo.
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    Alla L
    Looking for a friend to chat online, casual conversations on deep everyday life topics 😉
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    Hey Alla... This is mathi from india... Pls accept my request.. We can talk more
  • Like June 2, 2020
  • Tal Jensen
    Heyy - I'm inn -- Pm to me
  • Like September 3, 2020
  • Tal Jensen
    Hi, still waiting for you to answer me.. 😉
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  • Shuvrodipto Bose
    Hi... would you like to chat with me I also want to make conversations
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  • Shuvrodipto Bose
    To improve my fluency
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  • Avish Jadwani
    Hi I am Avish. I am fairly new here in San Francisco. I am looking for friends to go hiking with or exploring city. I am looking for friends who are not all about going to bars and getting drunk ever... View More
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    Harshit Jain
    Hey, I am new to the Bay area too and looking for people to explore the city
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  • Minoru Ronny Maeshiro
    Hi Avish. Me the same, new in the city (9 months). Looking to explore Bay area hiking, biking, etc.
  • Like September 27, 2020
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