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Issid Mireles
Hola, me llamo Issid y soy de Mexico. Acabo de llegar a la ciudad con mi novia. Buscamos gente para salir a conocer la ciudad, tomarnos un trago o salir de fiesta. Tambien nos gusta salir de campament... View More
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Hello I am Yessica. I am from Colombia. I have been living in DC for a while. I have female friends that are married so sometimes they are not available to hang out so I am just looking to have more f... View More
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Hari Yadagani
Hey there! I'm Hari, and I recently moved to Alexandria for work. I don't know many people yet, so I'm looking to change that! I'm an avid reader (with a preference for science fiction and fantasy)... View More
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Andréa Pedrosa Peixoto
I am Andréa from Brazil. I'm looking for a friend in Washington DC to improve my English and I like walking around.
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Bejay Chakrabarty
Hi Andrea, I just came from NJ and I’m looking for a friend in Washington DC to walk around and go out to eat with.
Like June 4, 2022
N’dea Rouege
Hello my name is N’dea I’m 23 years old currently going to community college for central sterile processing I like French culture, playing video games, and learning to play the guitar I’m looking to m... View More
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Abdul DJ
Hello guys 🙋‍♂️, I just turned 20. I have been In Washington DC for almost a year and a half. I am looking for a native English speaker to hang out with.
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Bikram Singh
Hello everyone! I've recently moved to Virginia(Mclean) and looking forward to meet some like minded folks to hang out with. I enjoy just about anything in a good company but definitely prefer to grab... View More
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Sameer Kumar
Bikram I also have a guitar and used to play and learn. Sending u a friend invite … would be good to connect I am nearby
Like January 8, 2022
Sameer Kumar
I am Sameer. I am looking to make like minded friends in the wash dc area. I live in Maryland . Looking for fun loving open minded people with interest like movies music food and conversations.
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Welcome to Washington Club. Please introduce yourself and let us know your Hobbies, Interests and with whom you would like to get connected and collaborate. NOTE: DO NOT share your mobile number or... View More
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Pimpa Pongsopa
Hi, im here fir friendship. I love going out and do all kind af activities: hiking, paddling borad, walking, etc. nice to meet you all!
Like October 24, 2020
Asipa Teniola
Hi,i live in dubai and i am very open to meet people i can socialise and network with.
Like October 24, 2020
What’s popping, I’m looking for friends to hang out with and networking even tho I’m not from DC I’m from Maryland. Activities I like is movies concert shopping and rap music.
Like April 17, 2021
Khaled M Qunoo
Good day all, I’m looking for someone to hangout within the Dubai area. I dont mind any sorta of activity, I just need to socialize and get out of the house.
Like April 17, 2021
Yoga PS
Hi, I’m Yoga. I’m an experienced Tech team lead and creative.” I would like to tarvel and socialise. Connect me if you wanna do something fun. Thanks
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I am interested in learning more about yoga. I'd be interested in hanging out if u wanted
Like November 26, 2021
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