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Abdul DJ
Hello guys 🙋‍♂️, I just turned 20. I have been In Washington DC for almost a year and a half. I am looking for a native English speaker to hang out with.
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Welcome to Washington Club. Please introduce yourself and let us know your Hobbies, Interests and with whom you would like to get connected and collaborate. NOTE: DO NOT share your mobile number or... View More
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Pimpa Pongsopa
Hi, im here fir friendship. I love going out and do all kind af activities: hiking, paddling borad, walking, etc. nice to meet you all!
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  • Asipa Teniola
    Hi,i live in dubai and i am very open to meet people i can socialise and network with.
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  • Lawrencebrown3rd
    What’s popping, I’m looking for friends to hang out with and networking even tho I’m not from DC I’m from Maryland. Activities I like is movies concert shopping and rap music.
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  • Khaled M Qunoo
    Good day all, I’m looking for someone to hangout within the Dubai area. I dont mind any sorta of activity, I just need to socialize and get out of the house.
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  • Nimu Sidhu
    Hello everyone! I am looking for friends around H St/Capitol Hill to go on local walks and hangout - eg grab a beer, do a puzzle, or meet up at a trailhead for some hiking.
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    Nimu Sidhu
    Also adding that I'm an early 30s female working as a data scientist in civic tech. My interests mainly include outdoor activities and reading everything haha.
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  • Mohammed A
    Hi everyone! This is Mohammed, I’m new here in this area. Actually I have been there for a year. I would like to get friends and go out to hiking, watch movies, and go to a new place.
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    Hi! My name is Emily and I've lived in NoVa my entire life. I moved back to Prince William County almost a year ago and have found it difficult making new social connections locally, particularly arou... View More
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    Danny Aubeeluck
    Connecting with new friends to have fun together...
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    Washington Club
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    Washington Club
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    Stephen Harper
    Hello and Happy New Year! My name is Stephen - an MD native working as an azure admin & asset manager. My rough list of interests are; reading, calisthenics, exploration and overly complicated crime ... View More
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    Kaylee Biba
    Hi everyone! I am from Wisconsin, but I recently moved to Arlington for a new job, but between working virtually and COVID restrictions I'm having a hard time meeting people. I'm a 24 year old female ... View More
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